Saturday, June 2, 2012

My journey into Tatting - the beginning

I love to try new things, learn new skills and that does not always mean honing nursing skills. I love to create whether it be with gardening, crochet, paper crafts, hand crafts, writing, painting. I have been trying to teach myself to tat.

Tatting is an old form of knotting that has been used to make lace and doilies. It requires a shuttle or needle and some thread. A tatting shuttle can range from ornate:

To the simple:

If you are interested in seeing the different types of shuttles (and there are many in many artistic forms), check out this blog:

Tatting needles are approximately 5" long and are the same diameter from tip to eye. Some people use a long doll needle.

From time to time I had thought about learning to tat, thinking "some day". It was placed on the back burner as many things had been when I started school and especially when going through nursing school. I was not overtly motivated until I started to create jewelry. I saw the following and said I WANT to do that!

So I got on YouTube and searched for tatting instructions and found several. I started with a simple shuttle technique video.

Tatting: How to make a Chain and a Ring

I worked at it and though I found it a bit daunting I did learn some things that many other videos had not mentioned. Such as the "flipping" of the ball thread on the shuttle thread. It also gave a very clear view of the "double stitch", the only real stitch in tatting.

I thought I would look at Tatting with a needle, just to see the differences. This video was very helpful and there is a series that I will be following until I personalize my own technique. We all adapt processes to our own style.

I found this very easy and was fascinated by her speed and technique. With just his video I was able to make two rings in a short amount of time. I will have to learn the finishing and attaching techniques in other videos. Here are my first attempts. Not bad for a novice. I will continue to improve on my technique.

BTW, one of the things I have to learn is not to go into Jo-Ann Fabrics looking for just one item when they are having a sale - on Jewelry Making - beads, findings, wire. But I should be set for awhile now...


  1. Interesting. I have a vintage Boye Improved Shuttle, Pat. April 17, '23, that is in "excellent condition". I've thought about learning how to Tat. Some day.